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Bienvenidos a Ng-kaunu Dalmatas - Welcome to Ng-kaunu Dalmatians














Welcome to Ng-kaunu! We hope that they enjoy the site and that they take advantage of all his doubts on this wonderful race: the Dalmatian, already be from the elegant ones, characteristics... up to for the acquisition of a puppy.



We begin with the race in 2003, when we acquire to our the first dalmatian, Cora, and in the year 2004 I found NG-KAUNU and our first litter was born.




Last Update 27-7-07



NEW LITTER!! AM. CH. Gr. Ch, Braz. Ch. Pan. Lat. Zagreb's Condor x Cora Montecito Born in 1-6-07, 8 females and 2 males .
 For more information: kaunudalmatas@hotmail.com
Page of Caipi updated!
Resuts of Boris in the Cup Eukanuba! Click aqu (Updated 29-4-06)





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Contac us: 
Nadia Giufrida
Phone: 0221-4708966
La Plata, Buenos Aires


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